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The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Rachael
About Mosaic Soul Starter Kit

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Discover what the 3 essential essences of a Mosaic Soul is so that you can be able to unlock your Mosaic Soul moving forward!

Discover the 3 steps that you can take to finally start to Unleash Your Mosaic Soul.

Discover the 5 myths that you’ve heard and/or told yourself about incorporating all your passions together in your mosaic soul journey and how you can finally put the pieces of your mosaic passions together in one beautiful masterpiece

Discover the 3 reasons why we don't unleash our Mosaic Souls and how you can begin to release these common limiting beliefs.

About the Teacher


Rachael Alexander is a versatile Artist and dedicated Mosaic Soul Mentor, recognized as the visionary force behind Mosaic Soul's World, Divine Earth School, and RachaelAlexander.com. With a profound passion for guiding multipassionate spiritual creatives and visionary entrepreneurs, often referred to as Mosaic Souls, Rachael empowers them to manifest divine-inspired lives and purposeful businesses. Her profound impact reverberates through her diverse art forms, transformative courses, and a range of meticulously crafted products and services. By igniting hearts and nurturing souls, Rachael's mission is to inspire individuals to courageously embrace their inner callings, fostering a journey of authenticity and self-honoring pursuits.

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